BEFF doesn’t only show the newest ecological films, but also offers you a wide variety of other activities: exhibitions, workshops, art projects, contests of different kind and more! So, stay tuned with the news on the Festival and don’t miss anything of interest for you.

Program 2013 coming soon.

Program 2012  here:

Pobeda-cinema (Lenina street, 27)

April, 18, Wednesday

18.30 Opening of the Festival: Red Forest Hotel

Mika Koskinen, 87 min, Finland, 2011

April, 19, Thursday

17.00 Big Damage

David Fedele, 42 min, Papua New Guinea/Australia, 2011

18.00 Rio Verde: the Fight for a River

Maria Lappalainen, 73 min, Finland, 2010

April, 20, Friday

15.00 Let’s bike it!

Vladimir Kumov, 90 min, Russia, 2011

18.40 Body of Water

Joona Tena, 100 min, Finland, 2011

April, 21, Saturday

16.30 The Polar Explorer

Mark Terry, 52 min, Canada, 2011

17.30 Off the Grid

Alexander Oye, 52 min, Netherlands, 2011

April, 22, Sunday

16.30 Closing of the Festival, special screening.

Short Film Programme:

Media-centre “Vyhod”, K. Marx str., 14

April, 21, Saturday: 11.30 – 16.00

Please note that there can be changes in the programme.

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