89min, Germany, 2011

Programme: Competition Programme
Orginal title: Peak
Director: Hannes Lang
Subtitles: English, Russian


The mountains are calling! Each year hundreds of thousands tourists come to the white winter paradise of the mountains. However, paradise is in trouble. Due to climate change and its effects on the lack of snow, it has become necessary to deploy massive technology to produce the perfect landscape independently from nature. Excavators rip up the earth, a computer operated switch room lies deep in the mountain, towers are erected, pipes and cables are laid in the ground, snow machines continuesly spray artificial snow onto slopes.

The Alp landscape has become a bizarre hybrid of technology and nature. The ski regions have to constantly upgrade the technology. If they don’t, the constant stream of tourists will abruptly come to a halt. The stronger this habitat changes, the more its beauty becomes domesticated, the faster it will disappear before our eyes.

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