BEFF program 2013

All events of the Festival are open to the public.

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Film program of BEFF 2013

The Cultural Center “Premier”

Petrozavodsk, Pravdy str., 38-v, tel. 7(8142) 59-90-30, 56-28-58,

25th April

17.00 Short-run film program “The Vision of Karelia”. Film presentation by Director. Duration 82 min. Age 6+

Karelian Village, Director Vladimir Rudak, Alreksey Babenko, Russia (Petrozavodsk), 45 min., 2012

Life of Vepsskiy House (Vepsläižen kodin südäin), Director Larisa Chirkova, Vladimir Slavov, Russia (Petrozavodsk), 37 min., 2012.

19.00 Full-length documental film program. Film presentation by Director. Duration 76 min. Age 12+

11 Images of a Human, Director Anastasia Lapcui, Lehmuskallio Markku Ilmari, Finland, 76 min., 2012

26th April

17.00 Short-run documental film program “Nature and small numbered peoples”. Duration 111 min. Age 6+

Oil Field, Director Ivan Golovnev, Russia, 26 min., 2012

Tagikaks – Once Were Hunters, Director Kira Yaskelyainen (Kira Jääskeläinen), Finland, 55 min., 2012. Film presentation by Director.

The Mystery of Khurtuas Tas, Director Jury Kurochka, Russia, 30 min., 2012

19.00 Full-length documental film program. Duration 87 min. Age 6+

Listen to The River (Ouvir o Rio), Director Marcela Lordy, Brasilia, 2012

27th April

12.30 Short-run documental film program “Films about Karelia”. Duration 98 min. Age 12+

The Hunt for Soria Moria (Jakten på Soria Moria), Director Anstein Mikkelsen, Norway, 29 min., 2012. Film presentation by Director.

Alive stone, Director Olga Podolskaya, Sergey Popov, Russia, 39 min., 2012. Film presentation by Director.

A Seal of The Lake Nevo, Director Vladimir Obiedkov, Russia, 30 min., 2012

15.00 Full-length feature film program. Duration 110 min. Age 12+

Ballad of Rustom, Director Ajita Suchitra Veera, India, drama, 2012


12.30 Short-run documental film program “Reserves”. Duration 115 min. Age 6+

Backstage of Bursts, Director Ekaterina Tsarkova, Russia, 54 min., 2012

Freedom of Loneliness, Director Aleksandr Sanitski, Russia, 21 min., 2012

To Save Unbounded: by The Way of Mountain Giants, Director Anatoly Kopirin, Daria Polskaya, Russia, 10 min., 2012

The territory impossible to live, Director Gennady Shabarin, Russian (St. Petersburg), 30 min., 2012 (out of competition)

15.00 Short-run documental film program “Ecology Film”. Duration 88 min. Age 6+

WeWillBecomeOil. Director Michail Grechu, France, Romania, 8 min,. 2012

E-Wasteland, Director David Fedele, Australia, 20 min., 2012

Kumasi Haifa, Director Roy Krispel, Israel, 60 min., 2012

Film program

Cinema Theater “Kalevala”

Petrozavodsk, Pervomaysky str., 2

Tel.+7 (8142) 59-90-10, 76-55-70

24th, April

14.00 Ancestors, Director Svetlana Bokova, Balery  Gavel, Russia, documentary film, 65 min., 2012. Age 6+

18.00 Opening ceremony of Barents Ecology Film Festival

Opening film The Age of Aluminum, Director Bernt Ehgartner, Germany, documentary film, 90 min., 2012. Age 18+

25th, April

15.00 Slow Food Story, Director Stefano Sardo, Italy, documentary film, 80 min., 2013. Age 6+

18.20 The Telemachy, Director Alexander Nally, Great Britain, feature film, 119 min, 2012, Age 12+

26th, April

18.00 Ceremony for the 20th anniversary of cooperation between the Republic of Karelia and the Kingdom of Norway

Films From The North, Tromso International Film Festival (Norway) presents program “Wind for all is only one”, 72 min, 2010-2012. Age 12+

I Came Here, Director Emil Trier, Norway, 2010 (out of competition)

Happy Birthday, Mom! Director Per-Ivar Yonsen, Norway, 2002 (out of competition)

The Force of Wind (Biekka Fabmu) , Director Stein Bjorn, Norway, 2012 (In competition)

19.30 Water Marked, Director Rax Rinnekangas, Finland, 80 min, feature film, drama, 2012. Age 16+

27th, April

12.00 Film festival for children. Short-run films in competition. Age 0+

Good hands, Director Maria Sopova, 11 min, 2012

Smile of Nature, Director Maria Sopova, 7 min, 2012

Bad couplets, Director Maria Sopova, 4 min, 2012

Contagion, Director Egor Gaewski, 2 min, 2012

The Moment, Director Alexandr Perkov, 4 min, 2012

The Last Tree (Poslednje Stablo), 3 min 2011 (out of competition) 

The Animal, Director Evgenia Golubeva, 3 min, 2009

Second breath, Director Sergei Tsyss, 6 min, 2012

Jungle Book Bear, Director Goetzl Oliver, 55 min, 2012

18.00 Closing Ceremony Barents Ecology Film Festival. Age 0+

Closing film Wild Scandinavia- Finland, Director Goetzl Oliver, Germany, 55 min, 2011 (out of competition) 

28th, April

11.00 The Last Catch, Director Jutta Krug, Austria, documentary film, 73 min, 2012. Age 12+ 

14.10 Left and never come back, Director Valery Pendrakovsky, Russia, feature film, 112 min, 2012. Age 12+

Culture innovation center

Media center “Vykhod”

Petrozavodsk, Karla Marksa str., 14. Tel. +7 (8142) 76-14-41

Event program

25th April, Thursday.

12.00 Roundtable discussion “Development of regional cinema»

14.00 Short-run film program “The Vision of Karelia”.Film presentation by Director. Duration 64 min. Age 6+

«Waterfall Kivach», Director Boris Konanov, Russia, 6 min, 2012

«China Heads”, Director Vladimir Rudak, Russia, 58min. 2012.

15.10 Short-run film program “Nature and small numbered peoples”. Age 6+

«Destiny of Alien», Director Yuri Kurochka, Russia, 50min., 2012

26th April, Friday

12.00 Pitching (Presenting movie map-out)

15.00 Short-run feature film program. Duration 99min. Age 18+. Films in its original language with Russian subtitle.

«Her Rom» Director Mirkka Kallio, Finland, 23min. 2012. Age 10+

«The Children Silent Winter», Director Ilris Harma, Finland, 21min. 2012. Age 12+

«The Cave» (Mağara), Director Erdem Simsek, Turkey, 22min. 2012. Age 12+

«Out Into Wood», Director Jussi Lehtomaki, Finland, 13min., 2012. Age 6+

«Covered by Forest», Director Salla Hamalainen, Finland, 20 min. 2012. Age 18+

27th April, Saturday

12.00 «Man From Jupiter», Director Erik Srtomdahl (Erik Strömdahl), 59min. 2012. Age 18+

28th April, Sunday

17.00 UN special presentation in Russia. Film «She. Arctic», 20min. 2012. Age 6+

«The Direction», Director Andrey Kovylkin, Russia, 43min. 2012. Age 6+

18.00 «I Choose Forest», Director Georgy Molodtsov, Russia, 39min. 2012. Age 6+

Free admission.


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