Call for entries 2021

Call for entries

The Best Ecology Film Festival (BEFF) unites those who are intersted to learn something new, to share their opinions and to find creative problem solutions. We show the positive sides of the environmental issues. Special focus on Environmental green film production. 

Each year, we select 5 Fiction-length films, 5 Documentary length films, 10 Short Films and 5 animation.

Rules & Terms

1. The film’s subject matter, the production itself or the film’s director should have a connection to ecological topic, environmental, environmentally friendly technologies, urbanistics, road movie, nature and minority people, protection of nature. 
Instructions for film submission 
2. Screenings formats are films delivered as files. 
3. The film should be finalised during the last years ( 2020-2021).

There will be competition of movie: 
Fiction-length films 
Documentary length film 
Short Feature 
Short Documentary 

Films of more than 50 minutes can be considered for the festival’s film programs: 
Feature-length films: Fiction film with a running time of 50 minutes or more. 
Documentary: Any non-fiction film with a running time of 50 minutes or more. 
Only films of less than 49 minutes will be considered for Short Film Program. 
Short Feature 
Short Documentary

International Films that have been or will be exhibited publicly at one or more non-festival screenings in Russia, broadcast or streamed on Russian TV or the Internet before September 26th, 2021 are not eligible for any of the Institute’s Festival programs.

Screening copies must have English subtitles (and Russian subtitles even better), unless they are in English Selections will be made by the festival’s administration. Decisions of refusal will not be commented. Preview copies will not be returned.

1. Submissions are done with application form BEFF  from our web site. Use our submission form from. The form must be submitted by September 26th, 2021 
2. Preview copies (digital file) must be sent to us by September 26th, 2021. If the film is not complete, a temporary version can be sent instead upon agreement with the festival. 
3. The selection will be announced by October 4th, 2021. 
4. Screening copies should be sent to us before festival starts.

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