Terminally Happy

«Terminally Happy», Adina Istrate, док, Великобритания/ Норвегия, 2015, худ., 13 мин.

The film embarks on a journey into the subconscious of Dr. W, a neuroscientist on the brink of an unprecedented medical breakthrough – the ability to travel deep into the mind and reconnect the broken memories of our pasts.


Information about film

The backdrop for Terminally Happy is a dark one, imagined by writer/director Adina Istrate to be a world in which the sun illuminates the skies for a shorter and shorter period each day, contributing to a general malaise plaguing the population.

Much of Adina Istrate’s projection for this fictional world is based upon our fragile present tense and the reality of climate change.  Given that the foundation for this storyworld is both delicate and cautionary, approaching this project in the most sustainable manner was inherently built into our ethos as a production.

We therefore looked for pioneers of the future living amongst us today, to help bring shape to a future society that has been forced to think of our carbon footprint in their architectural dwellings.  This search led us to the innovative architect, Richard Hawkes, who consulted with the production team about how best to approach this project.

Richard Hawkes’s home “Crossways” was the first certified Passivhaus in the UK.  Built entirely from sustainable materials sourced locally in Kent, Crossways is a self-sufficient pioneering home, boasting a solar panel system that generates enough energy to send back to the National grid, as well as a small vegetable garden and composting set-up capable of ingesting all food waste.

Because the drama of Terminally Happy was written to take place in this one location, the production then decided to base itself in Kent in order to film in this zero-emissions location.


Originally from Romania, I started out as a junior writer for 2 TV shows before relocating to

the UK for my postgraduate studies. In 2012 I graduated as a director from the London

Film School with Outland, a short which screened in various international festivals including Encounters, Leuven ISFF and Phoenix Comicon.


My following short film project, The Gender Reassignment Musical won the “Best Pitch”

Award during the 2013 edition of the European Short Pitch.

Terminally Happy (Sci-Fi short) was selected for the 2014 EuroConnection Market in

Clermont-Ferrand, then Berlinale Short Film Station. It was financed by Film London in co- production with Vestnorsk Filmsenter, Norway.

This year, Just My Type, my 3D short showcasing Riga as the 2014 European Capital of Culture had its theatrical release in Latvia, while “The Trojan Candidate”, my debut feature project received development support from the 2015 Venice Biennale College Cinema.

“Viral”, my second feature project was selected for Northern Film & Media’s 2015 RISE development scheme – an initiative launched to support women filmmakers from across the UK.

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